Vegan Brioche Recipe

This Vegan Brioche version of the classic French bread is made with Solutec AF Glaze and Shine instead of eggs. It is wonderfully soft, fluffy, rich and full of flavor. Includes options to make it with either vegan butter or olive oil.

Get the best Vegan dough adding 1% of our Clean Label Breadbun Dough Conditioner and 0.075% of our Shelf Life Extender Alphase Fresh 100.

Product  %  Weight
Bread Flour1001000g
CL BreadBun 1%110g
Alphase Fresh 1000.0750.75g
Dry Yeast2.525g
Natural Vegan Butter Flavor0.44g
CL Yellow Color0.05g0.5g
Vegan Brioche Recipe
Vegan Brioche Recipe

Process for cooking a Clean Label Vegan Brioche

Mix all ingredients in a Planetary Mixer4 min low speed + 10 min medium speed
1st fermentationNone
DividingBrioche 80g
ShapingBun on bun pan
Proofing1:30 hour at 25°C and 75% RH. Glazed with Solutec AF Glaze and Shine and topped with Croustimix Fleur de Mais
BakingBake at 175°C for 16 minutes

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