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Eurogerm develops new Toasted Cereal Flours products to meet clean label, non-GMO, Organic, vegan, allergen free and overall healthy product demands from the consumers.

The Eurogerm Toasted Cereal flours are the perfect products for customising your Bread

The Parfen® range is made through milling roasted cereal. It gives finished products aromatic hints of grilled, roasted or malted hazelnut butter. The Colors vary from cream to brown.

Eurogerm Parfen Color Range

The Toasted Cereal Flours Applications: rusks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, diet foods, food industry, bread, flour confectionery, pizzas, fruit preparation.

Indicative addition: 0.5 to 5%. The Packaging comes in 25kg bags.

Eurogerm Toasted Cereal Flours

Eurogerm Parfen Toasted Cereal Flour