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Eurogerm understands very well challenges bakers face everyday balancing productivity with quality. With our dough conditioner you can obtain both. Eurogerm dough conditioners are formulated keeping in mind various applications and processes.

Bakery Dough Conditioners (Bread Improvers) for Professional Artisan Bakers

With our dough conditioners you can:

  • Increase productivity with shorter bulk fermentation and proofing time without compromising the quality of the final product.
  • Increase dough handling properties regardless of manual or automated line.
  • Obtain higher degree of consistency throughout the process and final products.
  • Increase tolerance of the dough even with variations in flour and process/environment.
  • Improve symmetry of the bread and overall visual aspects.
  • Achieve right balance between crust and crumb (texture and color) for artisan style breads.
  • Increase shelf-life in frozen products.

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One of the challenges you will encounter as an Artisan Baker is achieving consistency between your products. With all the ingredients that go into a loaf of bread like fats, milk, sugar, and flour, along with other external variables, it can be a feat to get two loaves looking the same. That is where dough conditioners come in! We’ll explore what dough conditioner does and how it can save you time and effort in your day-to-day routine.

Dough conditioner is any baking ingredient that improves the production and consistency of a dough. The purpose of a dough conditioner is to simplify and expedite the bread-making process. Depending on the ingredients in a dough conditioner, different reactions occur in the dough.

Any additional ingredients aside from flour, yeast, and water can be considered a dough conditioner. However, dough conditioners can be commercially made in the form of concentrates or dry mixes from a proprietary blend of natural chemicals, agents, and ingredients. Dough conditioners will often be found in bread flour, quick doughs, and straight dough systems.

Dough Enhancer vs Dough Conditioner

Dough enhancers, dough improvers, and dough conditioners are essentially different terms for the same thing. All of these terms are used to refer to ingredients that help expedite the dough process and produce consistent results.

Oftentimes you’ll also find dough conditioners listed as "flour treatment agents" or "improving agents" as well. These names refer to the fact that dough conditioner positively impacts the dough’s strength, development, or workability.