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LEFAP® is a range of Deactivated Sours (or Devitalized Sours or sourdough) and other cereal based ingredients. You can buy them on this Shop. Check the LEFAP Taste Profile Matrix to help you pick the right product.

LEFAP Deactivated Sours (Devitalised Sour Dough)

  • The LEFAP® range of devitalized sours are made from natural fermentation of various cereal flours such as wheat, rye, barley, wheat germ, buckwheat etc.
  • Some LEFAP® products are made by blending several pure devitalised sours
  • LEFAP® combines typical sourdough flavor and aroma
  • Colors can vary from cream to brown
  • LEFAP® can be added to any breads, rolls or pizza to enhance the flavor and aroma.