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Bread Base on Eurogerm USA Shop

Comprising “taste, colour, texture” ingredients (maize, barley, oats, sesame, sunflower seed, millet, cereal flakes, cubes of fruit or vegetables, etc.), Eurogerm Bases/Mixes are processed blends that simplify the manufacturing process, in both small and plant bakeries. They make it possible to produce, simply and quickly, with guaranteed results, a wide variety of finished products such as country bread, bread with cereals, rye or seeds, morning goods, etc.

A wide range of Bread Base

Speciality breads Premix : To develop or extend your ranges, Speciality Breads premixes are concentrates (10 to 50%) that are added to a commercial flour to get a mix that is ready and easy to use, for making special breads.

Eurogerm’s shelf life products are all clean label and designed for specific applications and shelf life targets, not only to maintain freshness and eating quality of baked goods but also to keep mold away.