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Bases/Mixes on Eurogerm USA Shop

Comprising “taste, colour, texture” ingredients (maize, barley, oats, sesame, sunflower seed, millet, cereal flakes, cubes of fruit or vegetables, etc.), Eurogerm Bases/Mixes are processed blends that simplify the manufacturing process, in both small and plant bakeries. They make it possible to produce, simply and quickly, with guaranteed results, a wide variety of finished products such as country bread, bread with cereals, rye or seeds, morning goods, etc.

A wide range of Bases/Mixes

Speciality breads Premix : To develop or extend your ranges, Speciality Breads premixes are concentrates (10 to 50%) that are added to a commercial flour to get a mix that is ready and easy to use, for making special breads.